Based on the adequacy decision of the European Commission 2000/518/EG, Swiss law guarantees a level of data protection equivalent to European legislation. Threema Work ist die sichere Kommunkationsplattform für Unternehmen. You will be redirected to PayPal, any refunds will be issued to your PayPal account. der Red.) Due to the end-to-end encryption applied, it is not possible to create transcripts with the Threema Work management cockpit or the API. The installation process for this is similarly straightforward and decentralized; simply scan the QR code on the web browser to synchronize the app to your mobile account. Since it’s based on well-established standards, Threema Work supports all common MDM systems. parameter change has in the app. 8.0 or higher). Threema Web ist für die Android- und die iOS-Version der Threema Work-App verfügbar. Threema Work offers several backup options that differ in various respects: By default, all backup options are available. Adjustments for individual users (individual values). However, the synchronization can be forced manually in the app by pulling down the contact list. Create quotations, and access orders and invoices, Increase the number of users, and renew subscriptions, Upgrade existing subscriptions, and purchase new ones, Revoke IDs, and detach IDs from a subscription. When deploying the Threema Work app using an MDM system, the credentials are distributed along with the app. It is a cost-efficient and simple way to make the communication of your employees, partners, and customers secure, privacy-compliant, and professionally manageable. This allows companies and organizations to send, receive, and process Threema messages using their own software. (This parameter overrides all parameters listed below.). Open the menu “Threema MDM” in the Threema Work management cockpit, which expands the submenu Threema Web erlaubt Ihnen, Threema Work bequem auf dem Desktop nutzen, ohne dabei Abstriche bei der Sicherheit zu machen. of Threema GmbH with you, your order number, cost centre, requester Revoke Threema ID You can even make Threema calls without a SIM card. If a contact is deactivated after it was already made available, it will remain in the contact lists of the current users, but it won’t be labeled with two blue dots anymore. Threema Work can be used on devices without (or with multiple) SIM cards. If you have already set th_safe_enable to true or false, you need to delete this parameter in order to allow your users to use Threema Safe. If staff changes occur, an individual user’s access to the app can be withdrawn via the MDM system. You can use both Threema Work and the standard Threema app on the same device. For personal use, we recommend the standard Threema version. It is best to set the preferred currency in the settings: Which persons should automatically receive an invoice can be set at Grant the required access authorization and configure the notification settings accordingly: A Threema ID cannot be used on multiple devices (or in Threema and Threema Work) at the same time. Integrating Threema Broadcast into your directory service (e.g., MS Exchange, AD, or LDAP) is quite easy. Here are some real-world examples: Besides the above-mentioned xenForo plugin, there are many other Open Source projects that use Threema Gateway, e.g., Grafana and Mattermost. Threema wird künftig mit seinem eigenen Support-Team auf dem Threema-Forum präsent sein und sich aktiv an den Diskussionen beteiligen. Good to know: Both apps can be used simultaneously and the consumer app remains active. Threema Work supports Android Enterprise (formerly known as Android for Work). All app customization parameters are documented both in the management cockpit and Use multi-user licenses for an easy setup of automatic rollout. With Threema Web (which is available for both Android and iOS), Threema can also be used on the desktop. With Threema Web, you can conveniently chat from your desktop without compromising security. Then, set the user’s access privileges by ticking the appropriate checkboxes. High time to take appropriate measures. To integrate Threema Work into your central directory service (such as MS Exchange, AD, or LDAP), please use our APIs: Different ways of integrating Threema Work into your central directory service are illustrated below. With Enterprise subscriptions, Threema Work users’ contact lists can be managed as follows: Label internal contactsThe colored dots next to a contact indicate the verification level. iOS: Threema > My ID > camera icon in the top right corner; If you are having trouble scanning a QR code, please make sure the camera is not too close (below 10 in/25 cm), which might prevent it from focussing. If you send your users activation links, they don’t have to enter their credentials manually. Individual agreements are not possible. Messages are transmitted through port 5222; port 443 serves as fallback in case of delays. In the management cockpit, navigate to “App customizing > Contacts > Mark internal contacts” to (de)activate the blue verification level. Neither a SIM card nor a phone number is required. Mit Threema Work haben die Entwickler von Threema eine spezielle App für Unternehmen entwickelt. Threema Work provides all the features you expect from a state-of-the-art instant messenger for organizations. This allows you to make voice and video calls on tablets and iPads. You can deploy the Threema Work app manually or by using an MDM or EMM system: The Threema Work app must be activated using credentials before it is ready for use. You will receive an invoice via email, payable within 30 days. Details…. Internal contacts (i.e., contacts that are part of the same Threema Work subscription) can be labeled with the blue verification level. An existing Threema ID can be used in Threema Work by restoring it from Threema Safe or from an ID export. In the following cases, the tilde is not displayed: It can take up to 24 hours until new users are visible or contact changes become effective in the app’s contact list. Secure Enterprise Messaging. In addition to the name of a parameter, the table contains a short description of the impact a threema can be used completely anonymously allows to make end to end encrypted voice and video calls and offers every feature one would expect from a state of the art instant messenger. Using Threema MDM, you can even preconfigure the app for your users. Threema Work ist ein Ende-zu-Ende-verschlüsselter Messenger zur Nutzung auf Smartphones, Tablets und Desktop-Geräten. Build and Run. Für Unternehmen und Bildungseinrichtungen hat der Anbieter Threema Work, Threema Gateway und Threema Education im Programm. Set up a trial subscription without obligation. The communication with external contacts is inhibited. Threema Gateway can be used for various purposes – the possibilities are virtually endless. If you wish to switch from Threema Work Enterprise to Business, please contact our support before the current subscription period expires. Apart from the license costs, the use of Threema Work does not involve any other fees. Automatically restore Threema ID: This requires an external MDM system and is not available in Threema MDM. Revocation will permanently delete a Threema ID and all associated information from the servers. disable video calls without disabling voice calls. Open Threema.xcproject in Xcode; Repeat these steps for the Threema Work and ThreemaForWorkShareExtension target Check "Automatically manage signing" and confirm it ("Enable Automatic") Set "Team" to the team of your developer account; Choose Threema Work as scheme and a simulator; 3. Threema Work basiert auf der Technologie der millionenfach bewährten Consumer-App und bietet alle Funktionen, die man von einer professionellen Chat-App für Firmen und Organisationen erwartet, inkl. This will make it impossible for a user to send or receive any message using this ID, or to restore the ID from a backup. With the “off-hours policy,” Threema Work users only receive notifications during specified periods of time. If you need more users than are currently licensed (100 in the example above), simply click on “Increase individual values. Threema. in Threema Work website’s, A few parameters (those that are not “renewable”, see. Also, it’s not possible to use a Threema ID in both the Threema and the Threema Work app at the same time. As a subscription’s administrator, you can add additional administrators and define the scope of their access privileges. abhörsicheren Sprach- und Videoanrufen. Threema Broadcast is the perfect tool for efficient top-down communication. The Threema Work app is based on Threema’s consumer app and offers similar features. However, Threema Work is not available as a wrapped container solution (e.g., for MobileIron AppConnect or Citrix MDX Toolkit). unchanged. No other messenger offers a comparable level of security, metadata restraint, and confidentiality. Eligible organizations* benefit from preferential terms. The less metadata is generated in the first place, the less it can be misused, be it by corporations, advertisers, or governmental surveillance activities. Threema Work supports Android Enterprise (Android 5.0 or higher) and Managed App Configuration (iOS Threema Work is the secure, GDPR-compliant messenger for organizations. I would argue that many of the of these "successful" SV unicorns do more damage than any good. requirements. number of users”. Threema Broadcast is included in Threema Work Enterprise. Once the project is finished, you can withdraw their access to the Threema Work app and/or revoke their Threema IDs. Menü . the three consecutive es were considered a bit unwieldy, so it morphed into threema. Discover the key facts and see how Threema performs in the messaging app ranking. Open the “Individual values” submenu, and click on a username to select one or more users who may use the app differently than what the global settings define. If you experience connectivity issues with Threema Web, please refer to this FAQ article. Chat from your desktop with Threema Web and have full access to all chats, contacts and media files. Firewall settings can prevent the Threema Work app from establishing a connection to the Threema server, or they might block access to the management cockpit. Threema GmbH. However, the holder of the ID can continue to use it (either in the consumer app or using credentials of another Threema Work subscription). Using these codes, you are able to sign in if you should ever lose your mobile device. The preconfiguration of the app is carried out directly in the MDM system, where you can, for example, activate contact synchronization, link a phone number, or set the user’s first and last name (learn more). It is the most secure method to permanently exclude someone from your organization's internal communication. “Robert Smith”). list of MDM parameters to define specific config policies. ), Automatically disable notifications outside of working hours, Silently agree or disagree to received messages, Hide confidential chats and password-protect them with a PIN or your fingerprint, make voice and video calls on tablets and iPads, Use on tablets or devices without a SIM card, Threema Broadcast: Top-down communications at your fingertips, Integration into third-party applications using Threema Gateway, European General Data Protection Regulation, Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection, adequacy decision of the European Commission 2000/518/EG, Set up a trial subscription without obligation, prices indicated on the Threema Work website, Offer for NGOs and educational institutions, What to consider when defining credentials, Manual deployment for unmanaged devices (without MDM system), Threema MDM: Remote app configuration in the management cockpit (without a regular MDM system), MobileIron AppConnect vs. Android Enterprise, Activation of the app using activation links, Including external or temporary employees, withdraw their access to the Threema Work app and/or revoke their Threema IDs, Restrict communication to internal contacts (closed user group), Withdrawing access to the app or revoking an ID, Integration into Active Directory and similar directory services, Walkthrough: Adjusting the app with Threema MDM, Meaning of the tilde character in the contact list, Appearance of new users in the contact list, Walkthrough: Use Threema Safe to automatically create backups, Differences between Threema and Threema Work, restrict the communication to contacts contained in the contact list.